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Excellent Musical Version
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As I have reached a point in my life where I have neither need nor space for more material possessions, especially not in the run-up to Christmas both Mike and my parents decided that an "experience" would be a better gift for my birthday.

Mike had already taken me to Bletchley Park on my birthday for an excellent day out but still saw fit to spoil me again a week later on Tuesday December 11th.

After checking in to the rather nice Crowne Plaza hotel in Glasgow he bought me dinner at Yen before we strolled through the icy night to the S.E.C.C. for the rather cumbersomely-titled "Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds - The New Generation...Alive on Stage", for which my parents has provided the tickets.

The show was fantastic. Anyone who is aware of Wayne's album will know that the music is stunning. The 100 ft. projection screen was used both to show pre-recorded film footage and to show closeups of the actors on stage which made it easy for even myopic me to see everything from the back of the cavernous Hall 4.

The actual performers were excellent with both the "orchestra" section and "rock band" playing perfectly and recreating the dramatic piece to great dramatic effect. In fact, the only performer I could find any fault with was Marti Pellow who seemed slightly off-tune throughout his performance as the "Sung Thoughts of the Journalist".

Special mention must be made of Ricky Wilson as the Artilleryman who not only sang his parts beautifully and with real emotion but who seemed very at-home on the stage.

The special effects were also noteworthy, with a huge Martian tripod dominating the stage and periodically sending out jets of pyrotechnics which coincided with fires bursting forth on stage. At several points I felt certain that Wayne would be hit by the tripod's "heat ray" from his conductors' position.

The show was of the perfect length: neither rushed nor outstaying its welcome.

While the tickets were very expensive (our seats were £70 each) I felt it was an excellent show and worth every penny.

Writer's Block: Dear Abby
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What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten (and want to share with other LJ users)?

My father always told me that hatred is a dreadful thing which only causes pain. If you carry hatred your soul is tainted and you can never be truly happy. Much better to learn to let go of it.

Writer's Block: Your own toy story
muffin, . teddy
Did you have a favorite stuffed animal, action figure, or doll growing up? If so, what was it and what happened to it?

See userpic.

My teddy bear Muffin snuggled his way into my life, and heart, when I was eight years old. He was sat under the Christmas tree with a tag attached to his paw telling me his name and asking me to look after him. It was love at first cuddle as he was fat, fluffy and unbelievably cuddly.

I still take Muffin to bed every night over twenty years later.
He is so much more than just a stuffed bear to me, having been all over the world with me and having been with me in hospital on various occasions when I have been ill. Even now nothing can comfort me quite as well when I'm ill or down. My husband often refers to Muffin as "the one I love" but I know I have space in my heart for both: a girl's relationship with her bear is special.

Muffin may be flatter, less fluffy and held together by year of repairs but to me he's still perfect.

Writer's Block: A five-star location
What is the most beautiful destination in your city?
Tough question. In Stirling, the Castle is lovely and the views from the top of the Wallace Monument are great but I think the sher natural beauty of the Ochil Hills takes some beating on a clear day.

King Radio
Exciting things are afoot for me.

Not only have I suddenly found myself able to move a few of my fingers a bit and been given a new fancy splint to help with my hand's excess tone by my awesome physio Janette at FVRH (who has been seeing me without a referral) but I have also started in an amazingly fun new role as a trainee presenter with Radio Royal based, again, at FVRH.
So far I have been in to R.R. twice: last week the lovely Kat did my induction and handed me over to Daimen the consummate professional who let me see how he did his show and even let me press some buttons and pick songs. I really loved every minute of it nas I've always loved radio and they were so friendly.
Last night Daimen amazed me by asking if I'd like to present his show. I was a bit shell-shocked and almost said "not yet" but decided to grab life by the balls and go for it and it went very well. Despite a few minor fluffs I felt mostly confident and in control. I practically bounced out of the hospital last night and really feel this is a very good thing for me to be involved in.

Now that Ofcom have sorted out my paperwork I have government documentation confirming my nerdiness. My shiny new callsign is MM6LJQ.

Can You Hear Me Now?
Ten Years of A.T.P. was, predictably, brilliant last weekend.
Unfortunately I didn't see all the bands I had wanted to due to feeling crappy on Friday night and two drinks-related mishaps on Saturday and Sunday.

The festival kicked off for us with a decidedly mediocre J. Mascis and The Fog who were suffering from terrible sound and mundane music with a distinct lack of melody. We gave them a few songs before leaving. My head was absolutely bursting so we missed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in favour of a bath, painkillers and bed. I had been looking forward to them but was not as gutted as I would have been had we not seen them at a previous A.T.P..

Saturday's brilliance kicked off with the always brilliant Shellac giving their all and delighting the assembled masses with their unhinged lo-fi approach and fun crowd interactions (a Q&A session).
Next up, in the Pavillion were Battles whose performance of Atlas had me out of my wheelchair and bouncing about like a mad thing, and was the musical highlight of my year. We were treated to some new material as well as all the best tracks from Mirrored with great energy. The sound quality was excellent, and although I preferred seeing them in a small club to a huge marquee, the atmosphere was electric.
After that I was done and headed back to the chalet for a nap while Mike caught some more bands. I missed Modest Mouse, The Drones and The Breeders as I'd seen them all before and really wanted to catch Sunn O))) at 2am and could see no other way of being awake. Sunn O)))'s guitars caused my drink on the table in front of me to jump into my lap and soak me so I missed them as well.

Sunday was a relatively early start of 1.30pm for Shellac's second set of the weekend which was different enough from the previous day's to please those seeing both but with certain highlights repeated (the mind-blowing "End of Radio" springs to mind). Nothing much to add here as they were, again, flawless, with Todd Traijer taking his snare drum for a wander round the club during the aforementioned "End of Radio".
The Magic Band were anything but so we stepped out for food a few minutes into their set and I went back for a rest while Mike caught Deerhoof.
I managed to drag myself out of bed to see Explosions in the Sky who were a real revelation: filling the Pavillion with beautiful, epic soundscapes and one of the most gorgeous guitar sounds it has been my pleasure to experience.
Next up was Sunn O)))'s second performance of the weekend, in which we discovered we had not missed much the night before. While their sound is remarkable, we decided that, after holding the same note for a good five minutes they were going nowhere and slipped off to catch The Mars Volta who represent my biggest regret of the weekend. Part way through their second song I dropped hot coffee onto my thigh and had to return to the chalet to run it under cold water. I felt too shaken to go back out and we had a very early start on Monday so I crawled into bed while Mike went back out.

All in all an amazing weekend and I just wish my health had permitted me to enjoy more of it. Roll on May.

A Quote from the Marvellous Mr (should be Sir) Fry
And now, before the news and weather, here is the Shipping Forecast issued by the Meteorological Office at 1400 hours Greenwich Mean Time.Finisterre, Dogger, Rockall, Bailey: no.Wednesday, variable, imminent, super.South Utsire, North Utsire, Sheerness, Foulness, Elliot Ness:If you will, often, eminent, 447, 22 yards, touchdown, stupidly.Malin, Hebrides, Shetland, Jersey, Fair Isle, Turtle-Neck, Tank Top, Courtelle:Blowy, quite misty, sea sickness. Not many fish around, come home, veering suggestively.That was the Shipping Forecast for 1700 hours, Wednesday 18 August."

Playlist suggestions
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Finally made it to the Stirling & District Amateur Radio Society (hereafter referred to as the Radio Club). Apparently they will be running a Foundation Licence training course before Christmas and I have already taken the first tentative steps in learning CW (Morse Code). I mention this because I'm looking to put together a "radio" themed playlist for my exam studies. So far I have:

1 Roger Waters - Radiowaves
2 Rush - Spirit of Radio
3 Queen Radio GaGa
4 Buggles Video Killed the Radio Star.

Please suggest ant you think of.

History is, more or less, bunk(er)
Had a fun day yesterday.

mquin and I met georgia_thomson in Stirling and went to Zingerman's for lunch (not bad, but my crab cakes were underwhelming and not at all crispy) before heading into the Kingdom of Fife to visit Scotland's Secret Bunker near Crail. Interesting place with loads of cool old telecoms kit. Just a shame we arrived later in the day and some of the exhibits were closed (will definitely go back in time for the cinema to be open). On the road home we had dinner in a pub in Newton (just over the Forth Road Bridge). Was 8.30pm by the time we got back from dropping G. back in Scumbernauld soi I was suitably exhausted but happy after a good day out.

Unfortunately I'm now choked with a cold. I'd thought I was just shivery yesterday because the Bunker is air-conditioned to a constant 65 F and it was rather blustery going into the pub but it seems I was shivering with the onslaught of a dreaded lurgy.


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